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Certificate in IT Sales & Analytics

The rise of tech industries like FinTech, EdTech, and cloud computing has created tremendous demand for professionals who know how to connect businesses to modern solutions. By blending technical expertise with fundamental business training, NJIT's IT Sales & Analytics certificate prepares graduates for upper level careers in tech sales, management and executive positions.






Relevant career paths include:

FinTech Sales Manager

Business Development Executive

100% Online certificate designed for working professionals

Tech Startup


A Certificate in IT Sales & Analytics at a Glance

Today’s market has high demand for technology products. With SaaS (software-as-a-service) products becoming widespread in the industry the need for high quality sales people with STEM backgrounds has risen. This skill set includes not just the ability to sell a product, but also the ability to articulate the value of the product in the context of an organization. This requires fundamental understanding of organizations life cycle, culture, capacity, and industry to show how a product can provide that value.

Courses include:

This four course certificate program from the Martin Tuchman School of Management will help to prepare students with technology backgrounds into careers with effective sales and management roles within technology companies. MTSM has collaborated with Erik Gaston, Field CTO of AppDynamics (a Cisco company) and board member of MTSM to develop a sequence of courses that best represents the skills needed to be effective in a modern IT sales environment.

Train inCore Areas


Legal and Ethical Issues

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IT Service Management 
Sales Management for Technical Professionals 
Sales Process and Analytics 

Credits earned can be applied to the full MBA program offered through the MTSM.



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